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wondering, just started the duragesix patch 50mcg, along with soma, and mobic, .....told there should be complete relief whatso ever from duragesic, because it was strongest narcotic possible to ever receive. i have had no relief from any pain what so ever since the very first patch was put on......just started this med about 4 days ago. i have lorcet 10/650 prescribed first, but it works but wears off within about 2-3 hours, so dr switched to this. have bulging disc, and waiting on stat visit to neurosurgeon. dr wanted me to try this until that visit. is it try that this med is "THAT STRONG", or is it possible that this med just doesnt work for me. its strange to me that the pharmacist says lorcet is no where near the strength of this med and he finds it strange for that to provide relief but this not to what so ever. patch is on correct, and do not know why even for 1 hr, it never has provided any kind of pain relief at all. dr wanting to up patch he said if it did not work.. should i up it, or ask him about an alternative medication, and if so any suggestions on other meds that has worked for anyone else.