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My GP has taken me off of Neurotin and is not willing to let me try Topomax. She feels that since I have had problems with neurotin and elavil she does not see the sense in trying it.

She is recommending that I take soma 2x a day regardless of the pain in case the muscles are compressing the nerve and then take the percocet as needed.

I found out that this physilogist basically is for alternative medicine: mind and body, accupuncture, etc. He is not for pain management in the sense of medications. I am going to give him a try. I figure at this point it can't hurt.

I have had a super rough time lately and am beyond frustrated. Sorry guys for venting and not being real positive right now.
Hi Pepper~~So glad you got some good news... So I take it if this physio treats what you said the GP will be handling the meds? If so, then I would imagine she will have to refill it much sooner since she said to take it as needed instead of once a day. That's a good idea with the Soma, I take that also, for the muscle spasms, and you don't want the muscles to compromise the nerves, but I've never heard anyone put it that way before, but it sounds "very intelligent" to me, because it makes perfect sense.

I don't think the deers will mind if you holler, go ahead and let out a good one, and one for me too;)

Well if you want to ask about the cymbalta you could. I was really surprised at how much it helped, because in my case most things don't!!! If you can get past the anxiety, which doesn't happen to everyone, it works well. It has also helped with my insomnia situation. I'm sleeping longer than 60 minutes now, so that's a real improvement, because it could take another hour to fall back to sleep and I would wake again in 60 mins. At least the pain is only waking me 2-3 times a night depending on how it's going, instead of that darn every 60 minutes thing:mad:

I hope the physio works out, and would love to know what he does for you. I've been looking for something like that, but we don't have a physio in our area, just accupuncture which I can't afford.

Hang in there, I'm sure it will get better, and hope this dr can figure out what is going on with the surgery and new disc prob.:jester:

P.S. I was wondering how your post beat mine out, then I thought maybe I missed it, but I knew that was impossible;)