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Hello all I am new to this board and I am looking for soe soun advice. I had a car accident in last December. I have spinal stenoisis and ended up with two herniated discs at L4/5 and L5/s1. I had steroid injections and there was no significant relief. I have gone to three surgeons and gotten three different responses. This ranging from bi-level disc replacement, discotomy, and laminectomy. Disc replacement seems a little drastic to me and its fairly new so I have opted to go the laminectomy route. Can anyone tell me what I should expect with this surgery? I am so... scared. Im only 23. I am extremely concerned about the pain. How long is the recovery. I have an office job and hope to be back in no more than 3 weeks. Is that practical? I'm currently taking oxycotin and soma for pain. Will this be sufficient for the pain post-op? Will I be able to move around? I know I only stay in the hospital for one day. I'm extremely concerned. I dont meet with the surgeon until the day before the surgery. I had pre surgical testing today. Please tell me all that you can. Thanks in advance.