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I am able to get out of bed and walk, wash myself with help and feel I am making good progress.I still feel very weak and have a lot of pain with sittting. I do try to sit as much as I can for short times but it is diffficult. I spend all of my time in bed if iam not doing my exercises ,trying to sit washing or walking to the br.At 2 weeks were you able to sit longer than 5 minutes unless in an electric bed or recliner? I am on 10mg oxycontin at night and 10 in the am and take a muscle relaxer called soma every 6 hours and percocet5 2 every 6 hours at 8a 2p and 8p not to exceed 6 in 24 hours. this is the problem. the percocet is not lasting the 6 hours does anyone have anything i could suggest to the dr to try or am i taking to much allready and need to just deal with the pain all the time.I try to keep my mind off the pain but it makes it harder to do my walking and exercises when it hurts so bad. even laying down is impossible to get a comfotable position.Im really trying to do every thing the physica:confused: l therepist says to do but its so hard right now