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Well my Dr is glad that the nerve pain settled down and believes most of the past months pain is because of the Graves diease.

He feels most of my pain is now muscular and got upset that I stopped taking the Soma. He wants me taking it 3 times a day. I don't like the way it makes me feel (kinda goofy) But I got the script and started taking it again.

My pain is bad this morning but it is mostly back pain and hip no nerve pain thank goodness.

He wants to give it until Jan (which is almost the 1 year mark) to see how things are and if not anybetter he wants to do more surgery.
Hi Clover,
Wow! I'm so sorry! More surgery? Oh my, this isn't what any of us had hoped for.

I wish I had great words of encouragement and wisdom for you, but all I can think of is to keep hanging in there and we'll be here with you.

Is there anything else like the Soma that you could try instead that might not make you feel so goofy? Do you feel like the doctor is listening to you? How's your hubby doing with all this? He's been such a gem for you!

What kind of surgery is he thinking about for January if there's no improvement?

It's the difficult things in life that build our character. (My husband would say, "yep, you're a character all right!") I think many of us here have had to accept that this is what life is going to be now. It may improve, it may not, but it will certainly never be what we would choose. There will always be pain. So what do we do with that?! We can become angry grouches who take it out on the rest of the world, or we can pull ourselves up and try to find some good in it, even if that's just that we're able to understand and help others in our situations. Some days will be harder than others. I'm not unrealistic. I'm not living under a rock. I know that there are times when it just becomes overwhelming, but that's okay, too. We can't live the rest of our lives waiting for better times. These are our times! We have no others! We need to embrace what we have! (I'm not saying that you don't, Clover, dear. I think, as I read back over what I just wrote, that I'm giving myself a pep talk here! Like all of us, I need to hear it again sometimes.)

Anyway, sweetie, don't give in to despair. You WILL GET THROUGH THIS, TOO! Keep us updated when you can.

Love ya,
Clover, so sorry that you might need surgery again. I know there is not much I can say except you will get through all this somehow. I am wondering, if the doc thinks you're pain is all muscular, what kind of surgery is he contemplating? (Sorry if you've already mentioned it, I seem to have a pretty bad memory sometimes)

Are you finally getting treatment for the Graves disease itself? Or is that what he gave you Soma for?
To take this back a little because I really haven't posted much. I apologize for that but the graves makes it hard sometimes to type. I have terrible hand tremors.

In Aug I experienced awful nerve pain in my right leg. I got to the point I could not walk. My lovely Dr was out of the country. My GP never returned my calls so we went to the ER. They gave me some strong meds and told me to rest. Well 2 days later I was back because the meds wouldn't touch the pain. I was in tears and could not walk. The Dr that was on call for my GP admitted me for pain control. He put everything together and ordered a tyroid test. That is the beginning of the graves diagnoses. He gave me a strong dose of steriods and advice on caring for my back. No lifting or bending or doing anything. I have been back in the brace for a few months now.

My Dr did the dysense stablization surgery in Feb of last year l4-s1. The worst part of my problem was a bilateral pars defect at l5. This was completely broken thru. Well I have had problems since.

The most recent mri shows the disc at l4 is bad. Also something is showing that makes everyone think I should have pain on my left side. All my pain is in the right buttock and leg.

Well after my stay in the hospital I quit doing about everything. The nerve pain settled down. The Dr believes that I need a fusion l5-s1 because this stablilzation system is allowing too much flexiblity.

I am being treated for graves. I have the radioactive treatment to kill the tyroid on thursday.

Right now my Dr thinks my pain is muscular and wants me to wean out of the brace (I only wear it to work) after the tyroid is settled down.

When I asked him why he did not want to fuse from l4-s1 since the disc at l4 is causing problems he said because there is a main artery (sp soma related) that runs in front of it and it is dangerous. Well hubby and I talked and will be looking for another opinion. My insurance is also investiging my first surgery bill because he billed it as a fusion.

I decided to not have anymore surgerys unless I am so impaired that I can not walk or the bowel or bladder are issues. I will probably go into pain management. I have just been so sick with everything else I haven't had time to find a different Dr. I will have to go to Denver for that because our town is small and my current Dr has it wrapped up.

So I am dreaming of the beach.