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I had ALIF and PLIF at L4/5 in June 07. Right now I still take Percocet. I get the 10/350's. I take one at about 5am when I get up, one at about 11am-12pm and one at about 5pm. I go to bed around 11pm and take a Soma about a 1/2 hour before I hit the sack.

Generally this works for me. I work on a network TV show so I am on my feet for 10 hours a day.

While I have a slight and short sense of "well being" around 40 minutes or so or so after taking an Oxycodone, I function very well on it....seriously. I use hand tools and power tools and go up in aerial lifts, and do a lot of work that requires intense concentration with zero room for error. Because I know I am taking a somewhat controversial medication, I check my work constantly and have others check it also....we mostly do that anyway...redundancy checks and all that. So far I have not found a single cause for concern. My memory is great also and I have no trouble staying on top of my duties, things I have been asked to achieve during the course of the day.

Vicodin does not help as much and actually makes me loopy, even though it is weaker.

Item of interest...there IS a difference between generic and name brand, don't let them tell you otherwise. Some generics are even stronger. I ask my Doc to write the script for name brand only. If you don't, the pharmacy will follow the Ins company rules and automatically give you generic.