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HI there

First Welcome- sorry you found us cause you are in pain, but you have come to the right place.

I too am in my 20's- I was 28 when I had my L5-S1 fusion. I injured my back 7 years before I finally had surgery. I am also athletic and thin so success has a high rate. I had my surgery in June of 2006- I am fused with hardware and a discectomy and straightening of scolosis. Was it painful- YES, and if you had asked even a few months ago if it was worth it I would have said no. But in the last few months things have turned a corner. I am off most meds except for Soma, have gone back to part time work as a substitute teacher. It was a long recovery for me, and I still have some pain, but nothing like it was before. I was in a brace for 3 months, homebound for at least that long. Every doctor is different in their requirements though. No one can tell you to do this surgery it is a huge decision, and a very personal one cause there are no promises of recovery. For me it was the right thing. If you have any more questions ask away, it seems you are in the same boat I was a year and a half ago.