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Hello everyone. This is my first time on a board so please bear with me. I suffered an episode back in August where I felt a sudden sharp pain in the center of my spine that took my breath away. Three days later without warning, I could not get myself upright out of bed due to extreme lower back pain. A trip to the emergency later, they x-rayed my back and found mild arthiritis and some old injury scarring sustained as a kid, but no real reason for the pain. Treated me with Vicodin and Valium, which took the edge off, but not a fix. Two days later I went back to my regular MD. who did nothing other than hand me a sheet of paper with back exercises to try (attempted and made matters worse). Two weeks went by with no real improvement, went to a chiropractor for an adjustment, which aggrivated the problems further. Now I suffer from lower pain in the morning, which rises through the course of the day to the middle of my back, a constant pain in the middle just to the left, and frequent muscle spasms that vary from lower back to my neck. I found a new MD. who has been treating me with Hydrocodone 7.5-750 and Soma 350 for two months. On moderate days, the pain is tolerable, on bad days, I spend alot of time sitting or lying down until things calm down. Today he tried treating the constant pain with a Cortisone shot, but it hasn't seemed to help, so he is sending me for two weeks of physical therapy.
I work as a technician repairing power wheelchairs and scooters, so my back is always getting a workout, therefore I am really trying to get a handle on what's going on with me. Any input would be greatly appreciated .