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I guess they are having problems leveling out his meds. They test and it is to thick then they test and it is to thin. They are having problems getting the correct level.

My Mom thinks it is to early yet to be cutting my meds but I want to try. I am on oxycontin 2 x daily 20 mg. I deleted my morning dose. I am on percocet 10-325 mg. 1 every 4 to 6 hours. I am taking every 6 hours. If I can do this for a week then I will cut my 2nd oxycontin and get off that completely. Tonight I am having hip and lower back pain and it is very uncomfortable. Might have to take a soma. Ohe well I will know probably in the next couple of weeks my answers.

I am sleeping alot and being very lazy as the doctor ordered. I must say it is BORING!!