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Good morning, everyone...I am so sorry that I haven't been on here the past couple of days. I took a turn for the worse on Monday morning. The problem was that I felt my best, whenever I first woke up and then would rapidly get worse throughout the day. I was debating on whether or not to go to the ER on Monday night, but the weather in our area was severe because of a small ice storm. I decided to try my best to make it to my first neurosurgeon appointment the following Tuesday (1/22/08), instead. My husband took me to my appointment, and that is where I found out the bad news. My neurosurgeon performed more x-rays on just my lower lumbar spine and found that my degeneration is progressing. He sat down with me and told me that we need to try to fight this conservatively because if he were to perform a spinal fusion right now, it could actually worsen my condition. He wants me to take several homeopathic minerals and vitamins and also start more physical therapy, but not on my lower lumbar spine but my cervical spine, instead. Also, I am scheduled to start injections (which my insurance doesn't cover because it's AR Medicaid). I asked about my severe neck pain and migraines, and he told me that the degeneration is spreading all over my spine! I cried whenever I left his office and told my husband that I was going to call my general physician and talk to her about what I should do because I couldn't even take my regular pain medication because it wasn't helping and because I was afraid of it making me more nauseous. I called, and they got me in right away! The nurse took my vitals before the doctor came in to see me, and my blood pressure was 158/105. The nurse then said that the doctor that read my x-rays from Wednesday of last week of my cervical spine requested two chest x-rays from two different positions because of something questionable that he/she found! My doctor told me that the other doctor did see that my neck was having severe muscle spasms...She knew I was in severe pain! She said that she was praying that my blood pressure was so high because of my pain and not because of heart complications because I already take two different heart medications for a heart condition. She prescribed me two more different medications, one of them being Soma for the severe neck spasms. She also ordered the nerve study and said that I may need to start seeing a neurologist also. I am so thankful for her :angel:! I am sorry that I haven't read the most recent posts yet because I wanted to immediately tell everyone how I was doing before I have to get off of the computer, due to severe pain! I also want to add that I love all of my new "brothers" and "sisters" here! You are all my guardian :angel:(s)!