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It went ok, I guess. He did say that's all the injections I can get because i've had 3 since mid December. He asked if I took anything for pain relief, which I don't. I mean, i've tried Ibuprofen when in alot of pain, but it does nothing. I am not in bad pain constantly, though. But the shots are wearing off and i'm getting stiffer and feeling a little more pain while walking but i've been MUCH worse at other times, so it's not that big a deal. The only problem i'll have is going on interviews walking all stiff and limping a bit. Oh well. But I did mention I was getting alot more cramping & spasms lately and asked if it could be caused by nerve issues. He said it's possible, but I want to make sure im drinking enough and getting enough potassiu, calcium, and magnesium first. He did give me a script for SOMA to try. I took one this morning and don't feel any different, not even tired. Other than that, he said to come back for another follow up in 8 weeks. So that's that. Now I have to call my Rheumy to see if he's going to give me any more scripts for Plaquenil, since my scripts are now done. I've taken it about 3 years now. But he didnt seem to want to see me anymore. Last time I saw him was 6 months ago now. I'll see what he says.