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Preface: Sorry mod08... didn't realize I needed to start a new post. I was just reponding to a post from my search results.... :o
So....... this is what I wrote:


Wow - so this is weird.....

I had the absolute worst night last night. Came back to the boards looking to see if anyone had a similar experience and I stumble across my own post from exactly one year ago today.

I didn't realize I had been living with this for so long...

I did question my ob/gym about 5 months ago. He said everything was fine. FWIW - he told me to take some advil (like blowing on a wildfire)

Anyway - I woke up about 2am with the most horrible pain I've felt in months. Hot, bright, burning pain from lower left back, into rear, wrapping around to front of thigh and down to pinkie toe.

Nothing helped.. not walking, not sitting, not laying down... I didn't even want to cry for fear I'd tense up and make it worse. I finally grabbed Advil AND some SOMA. Within a couple of hours the pain had subsided and I was able to doze until 6am.

Of course I now realize that this post is simply a vent. I am considering calling my dr. again, but I have to go to my primary care doc in order to be referred anywhere else . I had an MRI back in June of 2006. I wonder if my lumbar spine has changed at all. Is it an typical to see changes in MRI over time? (I also had 2 ESIs in summer 2006).

Right now... sitting at work, the pain is still there... it's subdued, but definitely still there.

Any women experience similar symptoms/situations? I'm curious.... thanks.