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Today while driving I suddenly got some very quick, sharp, stabbing pains in my front knee area. If you look at the kneecap, it was located a little left of the center of the knee cap and started about 2" above it. It was a small more localized area of pain, but very sharp, though still not as painful as other pains ive had. And it kind of throbbed also, like a toothace. It came and went a few times while driving today. And just before while walking down the hallway I got a teeny spot of quick pain in the middle of my front thigh, it went away, then I got the shocks in my front knee area. Each time it happens, it only lasts several seconds. This is the first time ever (that I can remember) that I've had pain in the front of my leg and knee that feels like nerve pain. I pushed into the area all around my knee and my front thigh, but nothing hurts while doing that. This is another reason im thinking it might be nerve pain. I am also having ALOT of spasms and cramps in various places again, the worst while walking is my left front hip/groin/thigh area. Now instead of walking bent forward almost completely, I am noticing that I am now bending to the right side and slightly forward b/c of the pain. My right side hurts, but not like my left. Good grief. Even tho I was in alot of pain today, I was able to walk around a little longer probably due to the Lyrica. But no meds im taking are making me feel better enough yet including the Soma. Plus I was on a mission, didnt want to leave until I found what I needed (which was a suit for interviewing).

Has anyone had nerve pain in the front knee? And was it spine related? If so, what level was it coming from?