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Well just a bit of general information I had a spinal Fusion T12 to L4 with hardware (three cages, four screws and a rod) I had the surgery done when I was 16 and now I am 24 and having increasing pain and "weird" sensations. My surgery was for a scoliosis correction so I had no pain prior but now I feel as if each day the pain increases.

The Question: I have gone to two Ortho surgeons the first was the one that preformed the original fusion and the second was because i moved away for school and he came recommended by a friend. It seems like each time I go in I get the same response from both of them....I am too young to be having this kind of pain. I didn't think pain levels were age related but apparently the docs do. I digress, the point is I am 8 years out from surgery and I was wondering if anyone else out there experienced more pain as the fusion "aged"

What has been done: I have been on a verity of meds but the ones that stuck around was Soma and Vicodin (not taken every day only when needed) I have had a nerve block done but I broke through it only after three days. Apparently my nerve cells adapted to the cortisone. (I'm a bio student and I talked to a cell specialist at my school and that was the only thing he could think that would cause it.)

Vent issue: I feel as if no one else understands the problem, my mom is a doc and always says the patient knows their body best so if one doc does not solve it go to another one. However being as I am too young to have these issues I feel as if the docs are A) not believing me B) think I am there just to get pain meds C) usually end up removing me from the equation and just talking to my mom because its the doc to doc thing. As a student at a University I really dont have the money to go around and find a doc and get more test and xrays done. So in the end I just end up living with the pain which some times gets so bad I end up passing out.

So if anyone out there has an old fusion and went through the same thing or even has a bit of advice please let me know. I am going back to the first doc because I will be going home and mystically he had an opening that was not five months from now and I would like to be able to chat about other options than just deal with the pain.

Thank you