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thanks for the reply I had to edit upon realizing I was looking at pg 1 of 2
my initial pains and inability to do corrective stretching "modified yoga" led me to find a good surgeon he just doesnt elaborate on much. now IME has closed that route. I need to get his report too. but overall lifting 40000 - 50000 lbs in a day is not going to be a good idea anymore as I already had a SI injury in 99 and recovered but the upkeep for that recovery was yoga and it took care of it all even random soreness from overexertion. I have been through all a good share off physical stress on the body. It is time to look out for my health.

I am very sensitive to what I think are side effects of a med, or tollerant of it main componant, so to have it work it has to be a very high dose but if it causes somulence even a little Im out for a long time. and most of the meds dont touch this. I was doing 2400mg Ibuprofen but that was ineffective and the opiate based stuff id sleep for days because etodulac did not work either have done vicadin soma zanaflex some others to all with undesireable side effects and no effect on the pain it was taken for. I am taking naproxen and nap seems to stave off the stiffness. so Ill take that its at least touching some of it.

I am just wound up tight about leaving this job I really liked it no stress. and fun. but hard on the body so even though I want to get better to the point of going back I realize I should find some thing for middle aged men instead of a young mans job.

I dont get sciatica or leg pain just localized @ L5 area. So I count my blessings because this does not feel like nerve pain in spite of occasional foot numbness it feels like instable and folds back like the facet spines bump along with a severe sharp ache/stab.

I also think that appealing industrial commision will be useless because I am incrementally improving and by time I get a hearing I likely will not need PT anymore. So I will just take some more time to heal then find a part time job and see what I can tolerate then go full time when I figure my new limits