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Had L5/S1 Fusion (anterior & posterio) first procedure 1/29/08 and final on 3/5/08. When I came home after the first procedure I was put on Lortab 10 4 times daily and Soma 350 4 times daily. When I came home after the last surgery they had me on Oxycodon/Apap 10mg/325 every 4 hours and Soma 350 was every 4 hours and I took these around the clock. When I went back for my 3 week checkup they reduced the Oxycodone/Apap 10mg/325 to once every 6-8 hours (which I take 4 per day) and the Soma is 4 per day, also. I did try and take Neurontin after the first surgery but I had a terrible reaction so I am not taking any nerve medication. The Oxycodone has not kept my pain under control but I will talk to the surgeon when I see him at the end of this month.