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I've not really been on for some time (studying alot & such) but I miss all of ya and miss posting & answering posts. I've been so busy with training, but I am doing quite well (thankfully) - even though i'm on a med cocktail. I saw a new PM doc in my old PM's group, who is great; he was backed up one day so they asked me if I would mind seeing the PA, I said it was no problem..and boy, that PA is absolutely wonderful!!! He is really trying to help me manage my pain and it's been working so much better as of late. I'm now taking different dosages of Soma & Lyrica (higher dose of each at night and a lower dose of each in the morning) plus an extra low dose of Lyrica during the day. And he also started me on samples of Ultram ER, which does help control my pain more, so now I have a script for it. So all of that together, plus some contraptions I brought in to school for my seat & a lumbar support and sometimes heating patches pretty much gets me through the day without such severe pain. I do still have pains, some days worse, some better, but it much more tolerable now.

Since I've not been here, I've missed out on Sage's big surgery :( , I'm sorryyyyy! I did read an update post and see you are so far faring much better, so I hope that keeps up for ya.

How has everyone been doing? Pepper, Shawley, Moldova, Deb, Debbie, Marlosomom, lfoster, Deeannn.....??? And anyone else I just cannot remember everyone's names....