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I can only emphatize with your pain :(, i am also very young, 22 years old and I am diagnosed with DDD and have a 3mm broad based protrusion in my L5-S1 disc pressing on my S1 nerve root, being young no Dr. wants to even touch me despite a clear MRI with nerve compression due to the herniation Therefore I also have increadibly bad sciatica and at 22 im walking with a cane and I am classified disabled, I even have the placard to go with it. I used to be extremely active I was a cop in the Air-Force, ex-security forces. So it is depressing to be unable to even run a block when I used to chase people on base, on foot, with 5:30-6:00 minute mile times. The worse is my social life which has really gone down the drain unable to do what you gotta do as a male, no pun intended,....lol...thats actually what frustrates me the MOST, I can deal with the pain since I developed a high pain threshold in the millitary, but unable to perform not because of physiological reasons but due to body mechanics is horrible and honestly has me very depressed, anxious and irritable all the time.:mad: Common at 22..im in peak physical shape but unable to exercise at all due to the amount of pain. Im taking vicodin Es 4x times daily, along with flexiril, soma, ESI's didnt work i just had one in May with only minimal pain relief that lasted about 2 wks. In addition, since I live in CA, I am a patient under on prop 215 compasionate use act (do a search for it), and that really helps ALLLOTTT with the pain I could throw all my pain meds if i just had that for pain relief, saddly it does get expensive, so there is an alternative for pain management although it does come with that catch 22. Hope you fell better and good luck on your journey to pain relief.