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I started my cervical spine problems several years ago and just put it all off to my job because I was on the phone and computer a lot. It got so bad that I was having burning in my left scapula and shoulder and a sharp pain which felt like someone stabbing me. Then my left hand and fingers started tingling and going to sleep. I finally went to the doctor and when he did just an x-ray he told me he couldn't even see any discs so they ordered a MRI which showed bone spurs, bulging discs and stenosis at the C4/5,C5/6 so he sent me to the neurosurgeon. He did a myelogram and EMG studies for nerves and both came back bad. I still didn't want to have surgery so I put it off for another year until I couldn't take it any longer. Every day at work was terrible because I was on the computer and phone all day (dispatcher) and by the time I got home I would be in tears because the pain was so aggravating and sickening. I was on Lortab and Soma but they can only do so much and hard to take at work. I finally decided to have the surgery so they did ACDF on the C4/5, C5/6 and everything went find. I was out of work for 4 months and went back to same problems and my boss was not helpful in letting me sit my desk up ergonomically correct. I was never released from the neurosurgeon because I kept having the pain in my left scapula so they did another EMG and found that I had permanent nerve damage actually at the C8 (I know they say there isn't a C-8). I also had ulnar nerve entrapment in both elbows and carpal tunnel in left wrist. While checking on all this they found out that now the C3/C4 disc is bad and stenosis and bone spurs and I need to have surgery on that one. I had that surgery 3 years after my first one and no guarantees that it would help my scapula pain and tingling in hand and numbness because the permanent damage from the C8 could also cause the same symptoms. I had the surgery and the recovery was not perfect because I ended up with a hematoma which caused a lot of pain and no one wanted to listen to me when I told them something was wrong. I still have problems with that incision because it is real tight and pulls at times but that was caused by the hematoma. I also ended up with pneumonia, vomiting blood and my esophagitis was really messed up. I was out of work for 6 months on that one and eventually lost my job because during this time my lumbar spine really got bad so I couldn't go back to my job. I have now had the surgery on the right elbow but still have problems so I don't think I will do the left. Now I am recovering from the lumbar fusion. I have degenerative disc disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis so my spine is not in the best of shape. Also just had knee surgery due to a torn meniscus.

I am sorry I made this so long but I know that I am probably starting to have more problems with the cervical spine because the good ole stabbing pain has started back up in the scapula and I have been having headaches quite frequently. They told me I waited too long so my recovery percentage wasn't too good so my word to you is don't wait. I kept putting it off because I was afraid of my boss and then I did more damage to myself. I believe if it is caught early then you can have a good recovery. I did all the physical therapy and even had a physical therapist tell me I was wasting my time because you can't fix bone spurs with therapy. Of course they didn't mind taking my money for 8 weeks.

Please get some help for your cervical spine. I had the dizziness also and the pain is so aggravating that at times I wanted to take a knife and put in my back because it hurt so bad. I do understand and if there is anything else I can help you with please let me know. Hopefully you can get some good advice also on the other board.

Take care sorry again for the long post.