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I also have lumbar spinal arthritis (I think I also have it in my cervical spine); I had severe spinal stenosis from it, but i've since had surgery, which helped a great deal with some of my pains. However, the arthritis still really bothers me. Now, I am unable to twist to either side, I can't bend forward too far, and can't really bend backward. All of this even though I've been doing PT exercises for over 2 years now to help. But I am just losing my flexibility anyway.

I get deep achiness in there, muscle spasms, various nerve pains (though alot of all this is being more controlled with a bunch of meds); When it's real humid or rain is coming, the achiness gets worse. I also have a lot of stiffness, which also gets worse with certain weather changes. I am beginning to think I have sacroiliac problems because I get deep achy pains in that area as well, especially sitting and driving. I also have problems walking and standing too long. I should mention I do have hip arthritis as well. A year and 1/2 ago, it was mild, more so in my right hip..but recently my spine surgeon said my hips have lost more space, so it's gotten worse.
When I walk, I cannot walk using my hips to move my legs forward. I kind of have to keep my upper legs/hip areas still and just use my knees to go forward. So I am not sure how much of what is contributiing to my walkign problems....if it's more my hips or more my lower spine. Or it probably a combo of both.

I am currently taking several doses per day of: Lyrica (for nerve pains), Soma (for muscle spasms), and Ultram ER (for pain). I have tried Celebrex several times, however, it does not seem to help any of my arthritis pains. And I am sure the celebrex was really raising my blood pressure. Nothing over the counter works either. THe only thing that ever did help was steroids, but I cant just take them all the time. So currently I am taking nothing for the arthritis. However, I just read an article about a medical study that was done on a supplement called boswellia serrata with AKBA. The study was done on patients with knee osteoarthritis; patients took this supplement to see if it would help their OA pains. Supposedly, the study showed it seemed to help alot of people; some after only one week of taking it. So I have ordered some myself, as I will try anything!