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Hiya Josh & thank you for your reply.

I was hoping it wasn't a disc problem. Are you more prone to disc problems if you've had one in the past? The pain truly is unbearable. I can walk but slowly & more at a hobble. My legs feel "different". It's hard to explain. It feels similar to pins & needles but more like when it first starts.

What is Soma? I've never heard of this before. I've tried co-codamol & paracetaol. I can't take anything containing asprin or ibuprofen because I'm allergic. I've got a therma pad on at the moment but isn't helping. But at least I'll have a warm back ;)

Any tips on how to manage a bath? I really don't want to ask my mum to help me as it's far too embarassing. She helped me dress this morning & that was embarassing enough. :eek:
MM is again, right on the money.

Soma is a muscle relaxer. It helps with the muscle spasms associated with the disk issue. It works real well when you've just "thrown your back out". Once it becomes nerve pain, the muscle relaxers don't do too much unless you are in constant spasm as well.

I think a bath may be a good idea...as to how to manage it, well, I would recommend carefully. Once your in things should relax a bit and you'll have little problem getting out. Once your out, go lie down right away, for the night if it's time.

just try to take it easy, and if the pain is real bad, go see a doc.


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