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OK hd it done today..first off I woke up at 330 am, nerves got me. Threw up twice before 6 am. Went to work till 12, then headed to see the doc. Had to wait two hours, he had to make an ER visit. He had awesome bedside manners, he explained everything. I didnt have the pain meds, but I did take some prior to going, something mild like soma. Went through the whole process. DONT WORRY.... Yes there is pain, but the stress before hand was way too much. It is worth it, found out that I have some problems. I am sore now and am tired. When they hit the "magic disc" the pain was there but lasted only a min or two and then the ct scan and I was out the door. Good luck and thanks to all posts. They helped understand but pain is individualistic. I have a high tollerane so it went alot better than I anticipated. Good luck....;)