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Looking up your previous posts, I found that you were on Norvasc first and then started taking HCTZ for edema.

Since Norvasc is NOTORIOUS for causing fluid retention and swelling it seems to me that your doctor prescibed one drug to counteract the side-effects of the other. Not the best kind of treatment approach in my humble opinion!

Norvasc side effects do include muscle aches and pains.

And if you are taking potassium -sparing HCTZ, (a combo of hydrochlorthiazide with spironolactone or triamterine), these drugs have been reported to cause loss of libido and menstrual irregularities as well as abnormal growth of hair in women.

Talk to your doctor about all this. Especially ask about whether you are having to take the diuretic to offset the edema side effects of Norvasc!

zuzu xx