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I was put on lisinopril 5 mg and the lowest dose of maxide there is about a year ago and that was after trying different things. My bp was about 160/90-100. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and my diuretic was changed to spironolactone 25mg. When I was on maxzide I had to go to the bathroom all the time and craved salt. My bp was down to about 130/83. Now since the change my bp is back up to 150-160/90-95. Doctor upped my dose of lisinopril to 10mg and it did not help so now 20mg. I have only been on the 20 2 days but so far it hasn't helped. Should I give it more time. I'm stressing about my bp and taking it all the time so I know that doesn't help. I really hated the maxzide but it seemed to keep it down. The spiro was to help with the side effects of the pcos.
Any advice? Thanks a bunch, Kay