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Ethacryinic acid (Edecrin) is the a diuretic for people who have an allergy to sulfa. I have no experience with it but maybe you could give it a run for the money.

The University Of Saskatchuan School of Pharmacy also recommends these three alternative diuretics:
amiloride, spironolactone, triamterene.

Medscape recommends these:
[QUOTE]Loop diuretics are grouped in what is typically labeled the "first line of defense" for the treatment of congestive heart failure (CHF). They are also the diuretic of choice for patients who are refractory to other diuretics or present an allergy to sulfa containing medications. To relieve excess extracellular fluid volume and to regulate vascular osmolarity, loop diuretics are the most potent and expedient diuretics available. Loop diuretics inhibit the reaborption of sodium, chloride, and potassium ions in the ascending loop of Henle. It is also believed that loop diuretics cause renal vasodilatation and a transient rise in glomerular filtration rate. The combination of increased renal blood flow and the prevention of the sodium-potassium-chloride co-transport system allows for a patient suffering from CHF to excrete large volumes of fluid and electrolytes (primarily as sodium chloride) in their urine. These agents in conjunction with anti-hypertensives and adrenergic blocking agents act to potentiate the management of hypertension resultant of CHF. Loop diuretics have systemic hemodynamic effects: increased venous capacitance (which reduces left ventricular filling pressures or preload), increased ejection fraction (an indicator of improved ventricular function), decreased systemic and peripheral vascular resistance (reduced pulmonary, organ, and extracellular edema or afterload) which all allow for a reduction in blood pressure and cardiac workload.

Loop Diuretics Commonly Used In Heart Failure Treatment

furosemide (Lasix, Apo-furosemide, Myrosemide, Novosemide)
bumetanide (Bumex)
torsemide (Demedex)