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[QUOTE]Hmmmm...I don't think we are sensitive to the meds. I think that people, health care professionals included, are not well informed about what to expect and there are alot of reasons for this. But I rant...

I could not agree more!

I had my appointment with a cardiologist today and asked him to review my medications. I pointed out the problems I was having and explained how sick they made me EVERY day. I think he did not believe me. When I suggested he make a change or two he would NOT. He even said that medications don't usually affect people that way! (Read: it's all in my head!)

He was in agreement with me that a change of diuretic was called for (I am on a potassium-sparing Spironolactone and an ACE inhibitor that builds up potassium levels). I doubt anything will be done about it. (He kept writing notes to himself). I then asked him to at least RECOMMEND a change in meds to the other doctors. His answer: my BP was finally under control THANKS to those medications and we did not want it out of control again. I wish he'd spend one single day in my shoes - to experience it for himself. Unfortunately, the doctors have no idea what it's like.

I guess I'll have to learn to live (and work) with the side-effects, however unpleasant they may be. Looks like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.