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Hi Fam, :)

I believe I looked up the same study. This one has a different date though. (8/14/07, Journal of the American College of Cardiology). It is titled Cardiovascular Protection Using Beta Blockers.

I will read it again, but am not shocked at its findings. The benefits of beta blocker use far outweigh the risks in my opinion for some of us. I would not hesitate to restart this drug INSTEAD of either of at least two I am currently on. In prescribing these medications, many factors are considered, not just the potential long term adverse effects. The other factors taken into consideration are other health conditions that might be present due to the hypertension, previous cardiovascular events, general health, age and probably a few others. The doctors weigh the potential benefits of the drug against the potential adverse effects (the risk/benefit ratio) and decide which is greater.
You see me complaining about the CCBs or Spironolactone. I guess the benefits of their use in my therapy outweigh the potential risks. I am uneasy taking them so I know how you must be feeling after reading this study. The Labetalol was a very effective drug for me and had been since day one. I even felt safer taking it somehow because of its proven cardioprotective properties.
The article mentions that the concerns were associated with patients with UNCOMPLICATED hypertension. Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) yours is anything but! :D

I will read the article again in the morning, it's kind of late and I am getting tired. I might be missing a bunch of stuff. Hope you don't have a sleepless night!