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I am surprised you do not take any diuretic as your first-line antihypertensive!!!

When people go to hypertension clinics seeking help for their uncontrollable/drug resistant high blood pressure, a DIURETIC is the first place the doctors look when reviewing their existing drug therapy.
You take a loop diuretic on as needed basis. It is one that's not regularly used for high blood pressure control - though it certainly helps relieve edema. This one is used usually only for brief periods of time, quite often by people with CHF, because it is so effective. It is also very potent and can be harmful if used excessively - causing an electrolyte imbalance.

In my opinion, you should be on a regular dose of a diuretic, such as Hctz. Even a fairly small dose would make a huge difference in your blood pressure control. You would not need as many drugs to control your blood pressure. Did you know that increasing the doses of most drugs past a certain point will make no difference in blood pressure control whatsoever? I got to see it firsthand recently when for some strange reason I started getting consistently hypotensive readings. (I still am, but my doctor thinks they are great). As a result of my newly LOW readings, and fearing further reductions in blood pressure, I reduced my dose of the ACE inhibitor and another one of my drugs.
I strongly resisted going back to my regular full dose of both, when directed to by my doctor, fearing severe hypotension. He assured me that my blood pressure would remain UNCHANGED, because my regular dosing of these drugs exceeded the optimal therapeutic doses. (Besides the blood pressure control, these drugs are used for other indications, thus the high dosing). Anyway, it sure was interesting to see!!! :) Of course, the doctor was right and my blood pressure has remained unchanged in spite of the increased dosing.

As you and I both know, the more drugs a person takes, the more side effects there are to deal with. Seriously, I feel for you as I am in the same shoes and know exactly what it's like. Try to find the therapy that's best for you. You should ask your doctor if there's a reason you are not on a regular diuretic. Get rid of the Lasix, if your edema is not a big problem. Mine is. I don't use Lasix. I am on two diuretics, Hctz and Spironolactone. They don't do anything for the edema. I just put up with it.
Have you tried taking an ACE and Hctz concurrently? If not, you should. I think we develop a resistance to some of our drugs over a period of time - a good reason to try new ones! :)