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[QUOTE]I've been reading many of your posts. You are on a lot of different medications, including more than one diuretic. Is that still the case? What are you taking currently? Do you feel that your current load of medication is working effectively?

Thank you for the many helpful tips and insights, which have taken years of blood pressure monitoring, and many hits and misses, to compile. I can't believe how simple yet effective they are.

I had an important appointment with one of my doctors today for which I'd had to prepare. My medications were reviewed. I asked whether I really needed them all. I do. One medication has been reduced to 1/2 dose on a trial basis, and another -a new one- was approved. That's about it as far as the meds go. My current drug regimen has been very effective. It keeps my blood pressure perfect. For this reason, no changes to my medications will be made. I am still on two diuretics. Spironolactone - not the best or most effective diuretic - is good for the heart and helps with potassium issues. The beta blocker is needed for the heart as well. The only class of blood pressure medication I don't take is an ARB. I take Lipitor, aspirin, Ramipril, hctz, Spironolactone, Norvasc, Bisoprolol, Nexium, Reglan and metformin.
I will be undergoing some invasive and non-invasive tests to try and figure out where the inflammation is. Hopefully, the doctors will be able to pin it down. In the meantime, I guess I'll do some reading about it. :)