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My doctor put me on a new medicine for adult attention deficit disorder. This was actually my request (specifically requesting a non-stimulant version) and he was all for it since the "alzheimers symptoms" seemed to clone what I was going through way back when I was in grade school. I had to concentrate more and my attention was always easily distracted. I lost things and was very disorganized. The symptoms seemed to disappear in high school, being replaced with a heightened sense of awareness, enthusiasm and irritability.

I haven't noticed a huge difference since taking the strattera but it has been very beneficial and it took a while before I noticed the benefits. It has offset my other meds so I can take the recommended dose of those without wanting to sleep all day.

Before taking the strattera, I found myself having to concentrate very hard in order to go to the store and back, which is just a couple miles away. I would end up in the wrong lane and would have to drive slow so I could figure out my next step. At the store I'd get overwhelmed by the variety of selections to choose from and almost always came home with things I would normally not get (because I just wanted to end the confusion, so I'd grab something) and forgot a lot of things I had on my list. I even forgot to present a discount card that would have given me $30.00 off. I went back with my husband to get the discount, we stood in a long line, the teller had to get manager approval, we had to wait until she waited on someone else (while waiting for the manager) and so to save time, my husband sent me to look for something while he waited it out in the customer service line. I looked around confused at the sudden change in floor layout before I discovered that I had directed my husband to the wrong store. Just as I remembered and turned around to go back to him, my husband greeted me with, "This isn't the right store, is it?" I was so devistated that I never went back to the correct store for the discount.

But, this morning I had to do some shopping and I didn't get confused about the products I needed, the types of products I needed and I didn't even need a list. I returned home with everything I needed. I also noticed that I was driving in "auto-pilot mode" without feeling like I had too many things to remember. I even remembered to get gas and to write down all the information that I normally did.

To put it simply, I felt like I was once again several steps ahead of the game instead of feeling like I was walking in on the middle of a movie and being left alone to try to figure out the plot while the movie was rolling along.

This didn't happen over night. I started on a low dose and the first pill made me feel like I never wanted to take another one again. But after the next pill, I was able to tolerate the side effects (which has never happened with a medicine before...usually it takes several days to get used to it). Then the dosage was bumped up some and again I felt horrible the first day but the second day I felt much better. I'm just glad I was able to give it a chance instead of giving up when it felt like I couldn't tolerate it.

I still have some difficulty trying to find the right words, but this seems to be happening less (though not enough to be totally certain). But, I'm not up to my peak dose, yet; so this may go away, also. I have noticed that it's easier to type now without having to stop every few lines to try to grasp for the right words.

I'll keep you updated if anything changes, but at this point, I don't think I have alzheimers (I'm too young to get that). My doctor thinks it's ADD manifesting itself again after being treated for something else that seemed to mask the ADD.

But, thanks for you're input.