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I'm 24/male newbie here. Doctors say IBS is kinda like a blanket term used for when it's not something else.
I should buy stock in gas-x b/c I seem to be taking that all the time. However, it doesn't always work. It seems that when I eat, my stomach starts rumbling afterward and I can feel air moving through my intestines. I had gotten some of the probiotics to try them out but didn't really notice any difference with them. I've always noticed that my Bowel Movements are extremely loud and forceful coming in small amounts rather than well digested long feces (i don't really know how to explain that without making it seem completely disgusting). I used to have urges 8x's a day but now that I'm taking strattera for anxiety/ADD, i'm more constipated but it's better that way. However, I still have the loud BM's.
I had the blood work to see about that rare disease with whole wheat agglutins? test or something but that was fine. I do notice that if I have mini wheats or trisquits, i tend to get really gassy. Is this normal for IBS sufferers? Is this all about watching what goes on in your diet and what exacerbates it? I find that a lot of times gasX doens't even work. It's embarrasing when I want to eat out with other people b/c I feel like I need to be near a restroom or else I'm gonna start farting at after eating dinner/lunch!!!
Is it safe to take gasx everyday? Should I increase it to like 2 pills? or any other ideas?

Thanks! Sorry this is so unorganized and just a ramble of junk :)