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Hi, I have been having problems with chronic pain for more than 10yrs now and last week my doc started me on some samples of ultracet. I couldn't believe it! The pain was completely gone in my hips, knees and most of my neck by the second dose. But, now that I've researched it on the net it says that it isn't recommended for more than five days use.

I don't understand why and if it's also different with chronic pain. It's the only thing I have found that takes the pain away, doesn't make me drowsy or hyper. Now I am starting to hurt again and can't stand the thought of it going right back. I have never not known a day with out some level of pain, let alone no pain.

It also says to steer away from it if you're on stimulants, tricyclics, certain anti-depressants, etc. I'm on all of those. I have narcolepsy, depression, brain injury, misaligned pevlis, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, poss of fibro, etc. and I'm on...
Dexadrine 15mg 5xDay (75mg..high dose)
Strattera 18mg (working up to 40-60mg a day)
Wellbutrin XL 300mg
Synthroid 150mcg
doxepin 50mg
Maxalt 10mg (as needed, not often)
Utlracet 37.5 tramadol/325 acetominephin (for 5 days)

What is the reasoning for not mixing, or is it just not recommended for the normal population and is different for people w/ chronic illness?

Any help would be great. I also seem to metabolize drugs oddly. Lortab will take migraines away w/ no side effect, percocet make me have the warm fuzzies (I stay away from those, I like warm fuzzies and don't need help complicating matters!LOL), soma put me out the first time but after than seems to make no difference at all, demerol isn't much help, etc. Am I weird, or is this normal?