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Dan25 - No on the affair side. May sound crazy but there have been times I wished it was affair - or something I cound confront and solve.

Heartland Guy....Midlife Crisis - before ED. Denies he is going thru a midlife crisis when he is approached about it in serious or by jokes by me and the family (sister, brother, uncles, aunts, etc.) ED - finally I spoke us after our last "attempt" to make love - and he acknowledged that there was a problem and that he would talk to a Dr. about it on his next visit.

Other issues to consider now that have not been a problem in the past but may be assisting in his current ED problems - Thryoid problems, ADD - taking Strattera & Stress. My problem is me and my self esteem - it is suffering - and I am blaming me for not being more, better, etc. As I stated these feeling stem from my recent ability to keep him sexually happy in all way other then intercouse...for some reason I feel like a failure in that area...and am feeling selfish in that I am frustrated.