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I wish that I could hang in there with the meds like the rest of you but I can't. I'm extremely sensitive to a lot of medications. They seem to build up in my system quickly. This is the way it has always been...little weenie doses that aren't big enough to do me any good...I can't seem to metabolize them. I have IBS w/constipation, and a spastic colon(possible sphincter of odii problem), not to mention hemmroids. Everything constipates me, this has been lifelong. Trying to stay regular is a large part of my life(pathetic, I know).I try to stay hydrated, eat bran cereal 2-3 times a week, sprinkle flax meal on everything, keep Smooth Move tea in the cupboard just in case, and still I often have to give myself enemas depending on what meds I'm taking. I know constipation doesn't sound like such a big deal, but when nothing is moving I develop a rash that can only be cured by fasting for a couple of days. And when I fast I can't take meds or I will get stomach problems. Add fibro pain,ADD, depression, menopause and I'm really a mess! I know you all didn't really want to know all the gory details but it's all connected. I've never been able to get past starting doses of the antidepressents, including the Strattera my Pdoc wanted me to try for my ADD. I'm starting to think that I have something wrong the enzyme that metabolizes these meds(CYP450 2D6). I am glad(and a little jealous) that a number of you are getting good results with the Cymbalta. I hope it continues. Sorry for the length, I probably should've started a new thread for all this.