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thanks for the reply, and again I am very sorry for getting upset with you the other day. The outdoor angry box sounds like a good idea. So does the work thing. I don't think his eng. teacher would go for it-but his math teacher probably would. Italked to his teacher this afternoon. My son had 19 pages of work from the last week that needed done.
I agree, I do think its a medical issue. And I do catch alot of the blame for it....not just from him though. Which is understandable, I guess. He does come across as an unruly, undisciplined, spoiled child. But I know that he's not. There's just something more that I can't put my finger on. I also feel that the ADHD title is misused. When my son was diagnosed with it- I was floored. He's active, but I never really seen his activity level as a problem (my 5 year old is a different story :D )When I took him to the doctors- his doc was leaning towards bipolar. Then we took him to the psyc, and she said ADHD. At first- I rejected the whole diagnosis. I couldn't see how his mood swings/outbursts could be linked to it. I agreed to therapy and strattera. The therapist explained that the outbursts were from impulsive behavior. I eventually agreed to add concerta- because I just didn't know what else to do. But I had to put my foot down when she wanted to keep raising the meds-because I didn't feel they were helping. I'm going to get a new psyc/therapist. I really think I need a second opinion.

Thanks for your help,
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