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He was diagnosed with ADHD- they said the reason he has the explosions is because of his "impulses" from the ADHD. He is currently on Strattera and concerta. He's also been on remeron in the past.

I called the new mental health facility, but they refused to let him see the psyciatrist. They said his therapist (which he doesn't see until next week) has to refer him to her. I explained that he already has been refered to see a psycologist-and that we just switched m.health facilities....and that he really needed to see one. They wouldn't budge. We have to wait.

Last night at confrences, I discussed options with teachers and the school counselor. We are going to try a BIP. When I left the confrence with the math teacher, I told her I wasn't going to complain- things can always get worse. And I knew they would. Left the school and stopped by my moms on the way home (had been having a hard time getting ahold of her lately). Went to leave- and the car wouldn't start. We aren't sure whats wrong with it. My husbands truck took a crap the other day-brakes went out of it. SOOOO.....husband has my van today. I have a job interview at 1 pm- still don't know how I'm going to get there. And my son has been ornary this morning. Refused to eat breakfast. Threw a fit because he didn't want to wear the jeans I laid out for him- and his others were dirty because he will not pick them up and put them in the bathroom or laundry room to get washed. Did something with his homework papers-which still aren't finish- and one is now missing. Did something with his shoes- He only can find one. I told the bus driver I would have to drive him to school. After she left, I realized I had a real problem- I have no way to get him to school. I'm going to call around and see if I can get someone to help. I feel like making him ride the bata bus. What a wonderful morning. I figured I better come in and pluck away at the keyboard so I don't blow up.

Will type later.

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