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I am also a RN. I knew that I had some sort of disorder when it was brought to my attention concerning my daughter. We are so much alike. I have just learned to live with it and to adjust!
Do you find that it helps to color code your notes on importance? I have yellow, and pink and black sharpie along w/ black ink! What do your notes look like at the end of the day?
I also thrive on the high stress. However, I took Strattera for 9 days, my notes were SO much neater and I was more organized. I had to stop it because it screwed up my heat rate. See the other thread on Strattera and Elevated heart rate.
Do you take any medication?
I take Concerta and have for over a year now. I did try Strattera but was almost admitted to the hospital myself. My BP was thru the roof and a lot of other problems to boot. I can concentrate a lot better now with the Concerta. I also was enlightened about my ADD when my daughter was diagnosed with ADHD.

Stattera did have it's good points but it really messed with my moods big time too. I was on it for 3-4 months and I am glad I am off of it.

Have you tried any other meds?