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My son is 12 y/o, has ADHD and tics, possibly tourettes. There is a diagnostic triad of ADHD, tics and obsessive compulsive disorder that is diasnosed as Tourettes. My son has some very mild OCD symptoms. His ADHD was diagnosed when in kindergarten. The tics started in the 3rd grade, after being on stimulant meds. for the ADHD. The tics first emerged as squinting, and have changed over the years taking the forms of head shaking, shoulder shrugging, verbal grunting, throat clearing, among others. The tics seem to be exascerbated by the stimulant meds. and stress. Tyler is now on Strattera, a non stimulant medication for ADHD. It has also had the effect of decreasing the tics unless Tyler is under a great deal of stress. The strattera works well for the tics but not so well for the ADHD. By taking the Strattera he is able to take a significantly smaller dose of Concerta for the ADHD and still have good results. He likes it because with the Strattera and Concerta he is able to eat lunch at school, something he was never able to do on the stimulant meds alone. This is a very big social issue, he is now in middle school. One Dr. prescribe resperidol for the tics but I didn't want Tyler to take it because of the range of side effects. At the time, this was 3 yrs. ago, Tyler said the tics did not bother him enough to take a med. for it, so we have never tried the resperidol.
A pediatric neurologist is the type of Dr. you need to see tic's. Hope there is a good one in your area.
There is a tourette's syndrome web site that has lots of useful imformation.
Hope this helps you some.

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