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My son does have ADHD and takes Strattera AND Ritalin. Concerta kept him up till all hours of the night, and no meds kept him wired and sleeping restlessly. He's never been a good sleeper and yes, ADHD has a lot to do with that. One thing that didn't help my son but has helped others with ADHD fall asleep better is to take a low dose (5mg) of Ritalin about one hour before bedtime. For my son, the Strattera helps his sleeping, his general hyperactivity, and his anxiety level (which can also interfere with sleep patterns). The Ritalin helps his focusing (Strattera doesn't work for that, for him). The Strattera also seems to prevent the Ritalin let down that can be hard to handle. Does your son sleepwalk, talk in his sleep, or have night terrors? Those are also common in people with ADHD. My son has gone through all three (he's 11) and is now, thank goodness, down to just talking in his sleep. (As much as he runs his mouth througout the day, you'd think his body would need a break at night [img]http://www.healthboards.com/ubb/gabby.gif[/img]
Thanks for the reply. He is currently taking Concerta (third week) and Clonidine at night to help him sleep. He has done a lot better during the day, but nights are not. His ped was going to put him on Strattera but when he went to the behavior specialist the next day for the first time he said he was too young. That's why he is on the concerta. We have tried the Adderall, but no luck. During the night he have night terrors and talks in his sleep. A lot of nights he will scream for me or my husband and when we go in his room he is sound asleep. He was so wore out last night I was sure he would sleep all night, but I was wrong. Here lately he wakes up constantly wanting something to eat or drink. If we don't give him a little something all he will do is scream. We've tried ignoring him, but he adventually wakes up the other tqo kids. I've got where I give him a little snack before he goes to bed and he still gets up. Thanks for any suggestions.