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They was going to put him back on strattera, but before they started it they wanted to check everything out since he has had no blood work up in a long time. The doc was confused by the levels to , but at this time he said that we will wait for one month and then retest the levels again. My son has not been sick this summer at all but during the winter months it seems like he is sick more then he is well. I have heard that the strattrea can cause damage to the lilver, but he was only on it for a few months and has been off of it since march. We had to stop use due to a rash.
That's good that your dr is on the ball--some drs wouldn't check blood work b/f starting a med liek strattera. You'r elucky he's got the foresight to do it. Some meds take a long time to get out of the system...your doc would know if Strattera falls into that catagory. Retesting him in a month is a good idea. If his levels are still high they'll at least want them to be trending down-even if it's a little bit...or they may be totally back down. Liver #'s can go way up on a fluke--and then go back down. If they stay up they'll probably run a more specified blood test, and can tell by that if the hi #'s are caused by the meds or something else. They usually use "process of elimination" when it comes to matter of the liver that are not obvious. And as odd as it sounds, that's a good thing--b/c then it's usually something that can be reversed.
Good Luck--hope he's doing better!! Let us know!!