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I have a niece who is 10, entering the 5th grade. She has exhibited some behaviors that are troublsome. She has ADHD and is currentl taking Strattera & Adryall. I done research and all sign point to Emotional Attachment Disorder. But if you could just try to help me understand normal behaviors for this age.

She is annoying at times. She talks in funky words like "compooper" for computer. She has lied, stolen, and tells stories about her parents that arent true, when confronted she says it was a miscommunication. She has pretended to take her pills, and I have busted her hiding them. She interupts conversation, even conversations you are having with her. She shows no signs of remorse when she is punished for negative behavior. I told her to write 20x's "I will say please" and she turned it into a game, and wrote it 33x's because that is how old I am. She did what she wanted to do and not what was asked. When given a task, she will find 10 things to do in the middle of that task, procrastinate, and then not complete the job. And the tasks are minor. She takes no responsibility, and blames others. She is obsessed with boys, and friends with boyfriends, and an email was found stating she "wanted to make it" with a specific boy. She was also found with her pants down in one of my beds in the middle of the afternoon.

She is sweet, and has friends, she is not violent, or abusive and she does not use foul language. she is great with my kids, and is a big help. She has had some difficulty in school but has passed and is a star on her lacrosse team, even being asked to play with the older girls team.

She does have a not so happy past, but all has been done to shelter her from that, and has grown up in a happy environment.

Can anyone shed light on normal behaviors, and how can I go about supporting her and her parents without causing ill feelings?

There is more, but if I write too much, I am not able to post.

Thank you