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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]Hi Pixie...

No, haven't tried Gingko,....not yet. LOL I take such a huge collection of vita's and supplements,...so I'm actually leary of adding anymore. lol (Sometimes it worries me a little, but so far, I am okay) Have you tried it, yet?

Yes, this brain fog is a pain in the butt, isn't it? Is it one of the last symptoms to leave, or what? Some days are worse than others tho...but it can cause some problems, like forgetting to pay a bill, or stopping at a red light,... and then going after I stopped, (light was still red!) What's really weird to me is forgetting peoples' names...people that I know so well. Like my Dr.,...I can't remember her name for anything! It's an easy 3 letter surname, and her name is mentioned often around here! But every time I say her name, I say, "Dr.,......Dr.".....and my Dh has to fill in the blank! Why can't I remember that?! For months I've had this problem with her name.

It is better now tho, than it was a year ago. There was a time in summer of '04 when I wouldn't drive for a month, as my head felt so clogged, I didn't think it was worth taking that chance. Do you know how lousy that felt, as I've always been such an independent woman, having my DH have to take me every where?! Ugh! I hated that! :( Around that same time, he had to make out the bills, and get them off, as I was too weird then too. :dizzy: In over 30 years of marriage, that was always my duty... it made me feel so inadaquate not to be able to do that. And forget trying to memorize a new phone # anymore! LOL I'm in my address book everyday now! (even to phone my kids' houses. [they moved a couple of months ago]) Good thing most of my frequently called #'s are stored in my cell ph.

Things ARE better now tho Pixie, but still some of it lingers. I just hope it does go back to normal. My levels are "normal", BUT, still some brain fog lingers. Well, they say it takes anywhere from 6 months to 18 months to heal...so, we'll wait and see. Sometimes, I wonder if adding a small serving of T3, (Cytomel) would do the trick.(?) I'm giving it a little more time, and then we'll see.... That Ritilin sounds tempting too. What's that other new drug for AADD...Strattera? I heard those are the latest designer drugs down in the Hollywood area...the gals are taking them to get their housework done, and lose weight! lol My son in law was taking that for a while, but then quit. He still has some, and I'm sooo tempted to ask him if I can try just one! LOL (We are going to N.C. next week to visit our DD and him) Better not try it...I might like it too much! :nono:

How are your levels now, Pixie...getting any better? Are ya feeling better now? I hope so! :)
Take care, and have a nice day tomorrow sweetie. (Sunday)

PS~ Do you ever get stuck on trying to remember how to spell a simple word I mean like a 3 letter word that I'm sure I learned in the 1st grade?! Happened to me last week while typing an email. I knew it did not look right! (Spelled the word, "way" wrong. First spelled it "whay", and thought that didn't look right, then settled for "whey" I thought that didn't look right either. The next day when I reread it, BANG! I knew it was supposed to be "WAY" That was so weird....a simple word that I've known forever. It sucks...[/FONT]