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You know when it feels like it's a little of everything bothering you? That's what I feel like right now.
OK, you know when I saw my reg. dr. a little over a week ago he went ahea and prescribed Ativan 0.5mg I think it is. He said being that I'd be taking it reg. at least 1 at night he'd take me off of the Ambien/AmbienCR (which one depended on whether they had samples of the CR). Said I wouldn't need it. HA Double HA I fall asleep good or at least pretty good. After 2 or 3 hours I'm wide awake again. I can't pinpoint anything that wakes me up, I'm just all of a sudden awake again. That's with taking Ativan, vaterian, melatonin and a benydrl.
Also, on Friday I called my dr. office for samples of Boniva, which he prescribed like back in June and I have gotten samples of twice before and of Strattera, which my shrink prescribed in either Aug. or early Sept. and I've gotton samples of that too from my reg. dr. office. Carmen, his nurse called me back, I never answer that call cause it's usually them saying my samples are in and if I leave it on voice mail, I don't forget them the next time I go to town. Well, later on I listened to it. Carmen says that those meds. aren't on my med. list and she is out of the Boniva anyway and as far as the Strattera is concerned, she'll need to know who prescribed it and at what dose! I've had other minor problems with her about meds. before, really aggravating but basically no big deal. This is it. I have had it with her. A few weeks ago she left me a message saying my dr. wouldn't prescribe me Ativan cause it's too addictive, my next appt. he prescribed...what does this say to you? Now this. It's just to much.
I've decided to write my dr. a letter about her. She used to be really good about everything but that's been awhile, quite a long while. She used to say ask for samples when I first come in for appt. then said you have got to call in 2 or 3 days before appt. for her to have it ready, no time on day of appt. I can understand that but she said it like she had said it many times before and maybe I was tto dumb or stubborn to get it. I thought, ok, she's having a bad day, I let it go. I am tired of her bad days, her forgetfulness or whatever the hell is wrong with her.
I need to get it across to my dr. how I feel about Carmen's treatment of me but at same time let him know I think he's a great dr. and definetly don't want to change drs. How do I do this? How can I say it where he doesn't pick her over me, where he doesn't decide his nurse is good and I should change drs.? I really like him and don't want another dr.
Ok, I guess I'm through gripping for now. Any advice is very much appreciated.