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Tough questions best left in the hands of a trained professional. What are Adderall's long term effects? Well, its active ingredeint dextroamphetamine has an excellent 60 year safety record, that is, apart from its very high abuse potential. The irony, the paradox, the everything that makes no sense is its lack of side effects is what make it so prone to abuse.

Adderall isn't so "benign" particularly if heart problems are a problem.

Is there anything better? Mild cases of ADHD can be managed well with nothing more life-style changes. Above and beyond mild, some folks respond better to Wellbutrin, Strattera, Ritalin, Dexedrine. Others with a combination of meds. My experience is Adderall works well as long as I work with it. That is, I had to stop doing business as usual and adopt good organization and scheduling practices. Incidently, this "adopting" is an ongoing process so as they say "I am a work in progress."