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I was diagnosed with depression when I was 13 years old and have been on and off medication for it for almost twenty years. The reason I cycled on and off is because I never found a medicine that made me feel quite "right" I still struggled with anxiety and OCD. About a year ago I was researching new medicines and came across some info regarding ADD. My husband is ADHD so it never occured to me that I may have a similar problem since they are so similar but sooooo different. When I started reading about ADD it really started making sense to me. I was finally diagnosed at the age of 33 with ADD. In have found, in my case, that my untreated ADD was causing the majority of my depression, anxiety and OCD. I was on Strattera and Welbutrin XL at the same time for awhile. I did have the usual trouble with sleeping and heightened anxiety at first but I took my medicine religiously as perscribed and that eventually went away. After awhile I no longer needed the depression medicine and went to the Strattera only. I will say that I saw my doctor regularly as well as a Cognitive Behavioral Specialist to help me re-train my brain to most effectively deal with and even use the ADD to my advantage. Everyone is different but in my case, the medicine helped tremendously and made me feel like I had a new beginning. It can be very overwhelming though to begin feeling so differently in such a short period of time. I would recommend staying in close contact with your doctor and maybe even keep a journal to help you track your progress. I'm sorry this is so long but I hope it helps.

Good Luck