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Can anyone give some input on the combination of Adderrall and Strattera being taken at the same time by a 12 year old? Adderrall in the morning and Strattera at bedtime. Both are for ADHD symptoms so why would a doctor prescribe both of them? When I she lived with me and her father, she was on Strattera only and an anger management med (I forgot the name), when she went back to live with her mom, the doctor she took her to put her on these two. The 12 y/o called me to complain that she cannot sleep and is still having social/emotional problems and her mom won't listen to her.
She might be going through withdrawal insomnia from the "anger management" med because usually those are major tranquilizers....or, the strattera might be causing insomnia, or both things might be at play. I think most doctors expect Strattera to cover any sleep issues because sometimes it can sedate but usually this is temporary or not the case with some people.

Strattera is actually pretty stimulating, although not "classed" as a stimulant, it mainly works on adrenaline, and of course Adderall is also stimulating ...to be on both no doubt is causing the sleep issues and maybe some mood swings/fatigue too as that is also a side effect of both. And don't count out the withdrawals from the anger med; sometimes even after withdrawal itself(drug completely out of system) is over, withdrawal like symptoms will remain for quite some time.

I really don't like these meds and what they do to the brain. That's just IMHO.
It's not unusual for Strattera and a stimulant to be prescribed together. Oftentimes, one will work well for the hyperactivity but not for concentration issues and the other will work just the opposite.

For my son, Strattera was marvelous with making him less hyper, but he still couldn't concentrate worth beans. The two together worked well. Unfortunately, he started complaining of a rapid heartbeat and feeling weak after exercise, so we stopped them both.

If her mom won't listen to her complaints about the meds, perhaps her father could take her to see her doctor.
I have never heard of the stratera being given at bedtime. My family has been given about 10 different ADHD meds between us from 3 different doctors over the years and they are always in the morning due to the fact that they cause insomnia. I personally was on both Adderall and Stratera and felt very calm and focused. Unfortunately my blood pressure started rising and the Strattera had to be stopped. I'm still on the Adderall, a 25mg instead of 20mg and doing very well.