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My 6y son just started Strattera 18mg 2 nights ago. How fast would this med give you side effects?
He is taking Risperdal at night also, along with Melatonin.
It was a huge decision for us to put him on Strattera. He is dx with bipolar, Aspergers, anxiety, expressive language disorder. He has inattention due to focusing on his interests. He is also very impulsive---aggressive and destructive.
He has tried Adderall and it caused tons of anxiety. It actually worked the first day---but caused him to severe hyperfocus with obsessions. (standing at dryer for 55 min and telling me the numbers of how much longer until done---every minute!!!)
He's been on prozac and celexa at 4y----before bipolar dx and became manic. He was on tons of mood stabilizers from 5-6y until we took him off and sought out a DAN dr. for other treatments for Aspergers.
Right now we are trying the Strattera for the impulsiveness at home.
I ask about side effects because the pdoc told me that in the 14 bipolar kids that he had put on Strattera----10 of them became manic/agitated. All were on mood stabilizers.
Tonight---after the melatonin and risperdal---he impulsively jumps up from the sofa while watching TV and screams, climbs on the back of the sofa and jumps to the table. Luckily it was short-lived. It brought back memories of manic days. (not climbing our vans yet or on the roof!)

So....too soon for side effects?