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To the cautions I must add that anyone with an inborn clotting error must avoid fish oil.

My DS w/mild to moderate ADHD is maintained quite adequately on fish oil. Now that he is 16 yo, he uses modest doses of caffeine (as coffee) for boosters (exams) as needed. My DS was not able to tolerate Adderall well, even at low doses (1.25 mg) it flared anxiety. Our Strattera trial was a total horror story. While many kids are helped by these meds, our DS, who has biochemical/metabolic abnormalities, was not able to tolerate Rx stimulants.

I will say that fish oil has great "positive" side effects for our DS. It improves teenage moodiness & is good for the skin.

I would encourage parents who are interested in trying fish oil with their children, to make sure the brand you choose is 3rd party lab certified for purity. It is possible for fish oil to contain mercury, other heavy metals, PCBs, etc. Most of the brands that have certification are molecularly distilled. This is a double benefit, as the distillation reduces the fishy taste making the fish oil more palatable. Carlson's & Nordic Naturals are two brands I am aware of that are 3rd party lab certified. I have no financial interest in recommending them, and they are available at many health food stores as well as nutrition-sections in dept. stores. There may be other brands that are certified for purity, but you have to check.

Best wishes.