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My daughter has ADHD and was on Strattera for about a year. I never saw any improvement in her behavior or her grades. I kept telling her doctor this but he never changed her meds. Sooo, I found a new dr. who told me that Strattera is a waste of time and money. In my experience, this is true.
He put her on all three of the above mentioned meds and she was much better for a little while (few weeks). As soon as school started back, she got right back into the old routine of being defiant and not wanting to do her chores, not wanting to do homework. Should I ask the dr to up her doseage? Does anyone else take these meds together?
Also, she is supposed to take the Seroquel and Clomidine before bed but for a few days I have had her try taking it as soon as she gets home from school. No change. It's just so frustrating b/c she is a very intelligent and beautiful girl but her attitude and lack of motivation makes her ugly. KWIM?
I love my daughter with all my heart but there are times when I don't want her around me. I feel awful just saying that b/c I DO love her. I hope someone can relate.:confused: