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My 5 year old is so...very hyper...he never thinks about what he is doing until after it is too late..he runs by and pops people...he can cry at the drop of a hat when things do not go his way...he is very hard to get to sleep at night... we have tried all things...we are not push over parents and we do follow through with what we say....he is on Strattera 25mg...once a day....he weights 48 pounds....does anyone else take this dose...or bigger...what about the temper...and the crying....it is like he is not calming down at all...we have been on this now for 8 months...he is in K-5 and is work is just GREAT...teacher says he is one of the smartest..he comes home everyday with a note for talking or getting out of the seat(i have always been a stay home mom with him.....i was a school teacher before that)...please any help or commments....thanks...
My son tried Strattera all the way up to 60mg and it didn't help at all. When it was initially introduced there was a lot of excitement, but it has not lived up to what many professionals had hoped for. My wife and I work with one of the best ADD psychiatrists in California (he's been a collogue of Dr. Amen's for 20 years) and feels Strattera is useless for most children and adults. We originally chose Strattera because we were very frightened by the traditional stimulants (e.g. Ritalin, Adderall, etc.), but if you do your homework you'll find that Strattera has just as many (I'd say more) side effects and doesn't work well for 90% of kids.